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Spartan Stadium Sign Code Variance

Forks Planning Commission Meeting
Spartan Stadium Sign Code Variance
5:15 pm, 20 Apr 2022
City Council Chambers
500 East Division Street

Notice is hereby given that the City’s Planning Commission will consider a sign variance request from the Quillayute Valley School District regarding placement of the typical welcoming mascot, team spirit, and stadium identification on the soon-to-be-constructed Spartan Stadium. Proposed signage would be lit during stadium usage and the total square-footage of all proposed stadium related signage would be approximately 800–900 square feet. QVSD is replacing the stadium to address safety hazards. They are requesting this variance as the issues involved are not clearly addressed in the city’s sign code. The only other business of the Planning Commission will be updates on events of the past four months and setting tentative meeting dates for the remainder of the year. Questions should be directed to Rod Fleck, City Attorney/Planner at


Highway 101 Openings

Update November 17, 2021 4:00 p.m.

Highway 101 north will open between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow with a pilot car. The road will close at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow to continue clean-up efforts in hopes of opening again tomorrow afternoon.

November 17, 2021 3:15 p.m.

Highway 101 south will open to alternating traffic at 4:00 p.m. today.

Highway 101 north will open between 5:00 p.m. and dawn tomorrow with a pilot car. The road will close at dawn tomorrow to continue clean-up efforts in hopes of opening again tomorrow afternoon. There are NO sink holes along Lake Crescent. The Elwha Bridge was opened to traffic this morning.


The State moratorium on water shut-offs for non-payment ended September 30, 2021

If your water account with the City of Forks is more than two months past due, you must take immediate action to avoid disconnection of your water service.

Financial assistance may be available through the following agencies.
Serenity House of Clallam County: 360-452-7224, ext. 1
OlyCAP: 360-452-4726 or Rachel at 360-374-6193
Peninsula College (only for students currently enrolled at Peninsula College)

Please contact the Water Department no later than October 20, 2021 to inform us of any assistance you will receive. If you are not approved for assistance, or you will still have a balance owing, visit the Water Department as soon as possible to complete an Application for COVID-19 Emergency Payment Plan.

The Water Department can be reached at 360-374-5412, ext. 238.

Buopane RV and Camping SEPA MDNS

The Buonpane’s seek to develop a five arce previously forested parcel into a campground with 18 recreational vehicle (RV) spaces with full hookups (electrical, water, septic) and also 10 semi-primitive tent sites. The development would include an office building with shower facilities and an outdoor kitchen. Approximately 1,600′ of internal access compacted gravel roadways would also be created to provide internal access to the spaces and amenities being provided. In addition, a parking lot for up to ten (10) vehicles would be developed. An on-site septic system approved by Clallam County Environmental Health would be installed o address sewage/septic needs. There would be a maximum stay of 30 days at one time and no long term parking would be available.

Property has the ability to access city water, electrical provided by the PUD, and telecommunications access via CenturyLink. Further, a paved commercial approach meeting state standards would be developed for this development.

Buopane RV and Camping SEPA MDNS

DSDJ, LLC Large Lot Short Plat

Notice is hereby provided that on 10 Sep 2021, the City Planner did approve the large lot (lots greater than five acres) division of the property owned by DSDJ, LLC a partnership of Lynn Soloman, Dave Dilley, Mike Dilley, and Rick Jacoby. The applicants voluntarily submitted this project to the City for review with regard to access, critical areas, and utilities. Further, when originally submitted, additional information was request of the applicant which was provided in late July regarding a binding landowner agreement to address violations of the DNR issued Forest Practices Permit and the current Critical areas Code in relationship to the then in place Clallam County Shoreline Management Plan. Finally, the applicant provided the required SEPA checklist in early September. Final approval shall be granted upon expiration of the time noted below for the appeals of this decision.

DSDJ, LLC Large Lot Short Plat


Division of the existing large 50.69 acre parcel into four (4) parcels ranging from ~8.5 acres to ~18.68 acres meeting the minimum lot size of the Forks Zoning Code for “R2 – Low Density Residential.” Proponents will utilize a private driveway that has been in place for some time and has been used for recent logging activities of the above described parcel. The access, which will be a dedicated easement for ingress, egress, and utilities, comes off of Merchant Road south of the southern tip of the Forks Elks Lodge property. This easement is either 60’ wide or a matching 30’ wide easement adjacent to the eastern 30’ wide easement associated with the Thimbleberry development. A single family residence (SFR) is currently underway, as an lot may construct one SFR. However, that development will, as a result of this short plat, be associated with one of the larger of the four large lots created by this voluntary short plat. Three of the four lots created by this utilize the Calawah River as their northern boundary and are subject to the City’s Critical Areas Code, which adopted by reference the Clallam County Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) that is currently in the process of being adopted by the City. A critical areas review for this proposed land division is being done in conjunction with this application.

Further, as part of the Critical Areas Review, the owner of the not yet completed SFR in order to address violations associated with the Department of Natural Resource’s timber harvest permit, has entered into Forest Practice Conversion Landowner Agreement addressing required mitigation. That agreement has been incorporated into this approval and the Critical Areas review.


Public Hearing Notice


AUGUST 9, 2021

7:30 PM




Notice is hereby given that on August 9, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. the Forks City Council will conduct a public hearing to obtain input regarding the proposed six year Transportation Improvement Plan. The plan, covering 2022 – 2027, is used by local, state and federal governments to prioritize and fund transportation projects.

Written comments will be accepted up until 5:00 p.m. on August 9, 2021.  Please address all comments to the Forks City Council. If you have any questions regarding the Transportation Improvement Plan, or would like to obtain a copy of the plan, please contact Paul Hampton at 360 374-5412. The plan is also available at