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Police & Corrections

The mission of the Forks Police Department is to protect Our Community. The Police Department is always striving to be the finest Police Department in the State of Washington. Our values are Integrity, Dignity, Commitment, and Pride (in service to our community). We have adopted an uncompromising approach to the highest ethical standards, being honest, truthful, and worthy of your trust. We believe in the importance of treating others with respect, and conducting ourselves in a manner that inspires respect. We are dedicated to the Office Mission, to the development and support of our employees, and to the highest standards of professional conduct. We believe in who we are, what we do, and working hard to do the job right. We are proud to be a part of the Forks Community and to serve all of you.


Locally, individuals may leave a message with information that may assist Law Enforcement with the investigation of a crime, or the apprehension of individuals sought after by police in the area.

Washington's Most Wanted

Stay safe. Stay informed.

The Washington State Department of Corrections maintains active lists of all fugitive suspects, with photos. Choose a category to view current lists.

Washington State Patrol also maintains a list of their top suspects; not only fugitives in felony collision cases, but also other suspects in dangerous or violent crimes.

Q13 Fox News: Washington’s Most Wanted keeps you up-to-date on high-profile criminal cases around the state.

Clallam County Sheriff’s Office has a useful mapping tool, where you can search for known offenders in a given radius of any address in all of Clallam County. Just enter an address, a name, or a city, and get an interactive map of known offenders along with descriptions, identifying marks, photos, and addresses. Stay safe: stay informed.

Neighborhood Watch

Working together for a safer community

Neighborhood Watch programs help keep neighborhoods and communities safe. Starting your own crime prevention program—or reviving one that’s already been started in your neighborhood—can reduce crime in your area and give you a greater sense of security, and can even help improve your property’s value.

Help for Victims & Survivors

Victims have the right to know

VINELink is an online portal to VINE (Victim Information & NotificationEveryday), America’s number one victim notification network. VINELink can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide information to concerned citizens and victims, about custody status changes and criminal case information. The VINE service provides information by phone, email, TTY, and text message where available. You may also sign up through your participating state, or county’s toll-free number. Find offenders, protective orders, and discover more state resources. See how the power of VINE can work for YOU by downloading the VINE Info Sheet, and exploring the link below:

The Department of Homeland Security has a similar registration for victims and witnesses in criminal alien cases through the Immigrations & Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). Sign up for notifications and learn more about this program at the link below.