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City Clerk/Treasurer

Caryn DePew

City Clerk / Treasurer

Phone: (360)374-5412 ext. 106

Public Records

The City Clerk manages publicly available records, and many are available on this site, including:

  • Council Agendas – Lists the items planned for discussion at an upcoming meeting of the city council. All agendas are archived for reference, organized by the planned date of the meeting.
  • Council Minutes – A running description of discussions and decisions from a city council meeting. All minutes are archived for reference, organized by the date on which the meeting occurred.
  • Resolutions
  • Public Notices – Notices issued by the City of Forks on a variety of topics, including legal notices, public health and safety topics, requests for bids or proposals, and various announcements concerning the community.

Other public records are available by request. Contact the City Clerk listed above for further information about the process.

City Budget & Finance

The city treasurer handles the budget and finance department for the City of Forks. Contact the Treasurer listed above for more information on these topics.

To view a copy of the current annual budget, click here.

Municipal Code

Ordinances make up the local laws of the city. An ordinance is a legislative act prescribing general rules of organization or conduct relating to the corporate affairs of the municipality. Council action shall be taken by ordinance when required by law, or where prescribed conduct may be enforced by penalty. Once a ordinance is adopted by the City Council, it is sent to Code Publishing to become a part of the Forks Municipal Code (link opens in new tab).

Business Licenses & Taxes

The City of Forks does not issue city-specific business licenses at this time, but business licenses are required by the State of Washington. Local sales taxes are collected through the Washington State Dept. of Revenue.