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Public Notice: Decker’s Rezone Request

SEPA Rules – WAC 197-11-970

Determination of Non-Significance (DNS)

2017 Forks Land Use and Zoning Code Designation Amendment

Decker’s Rezone Request

Description of

proposal:        Pursuant to the City’s code requirements requiring an annual call for land use planning and zoning code map designation amendments, the City received a request to rezone one parcel by Jim & Laura Decker.  The specific request is described as:

As part of the annual solicitation for zoning updates, the Deckers have requested a rezone of their .049 acre parcel that is west of the southern terminus of South 1st Avenue.  The property is currently zoned High Density Commercial/High Density Residential and the request is for a rezone to High Density Commercial like the two adjacent lots to the east (associated with the existing Pacific Inn Motel).

Zoning would permit some additional flexibility associated with commercial development and would zone this parcel in the same manner as two other parcels owned in close proximity to this by the Deckers.

Location of proposal:

Jim & Laura Decker                West of S. Terminus of S 1st Ave

Tax ID Parcels:  1328092409020

Lot 2 of the Fraker Short Plat,  Vol 24, Pg. 22
Located in the SE ¼ of the SE ¼ of the NW ¼ of Sec. 9, T28N, R13W

Lead Agency   Rod Fleck, City Attorney/Planner

City Planning Department, City of Forks

500 East Division

Forks, Washington 98331


Project:            Every year, the City of Forks solicits the public for proposals to amend its land use designation map and zoning code map.  See FMC 17.115.040.  As a result of the November/December 2017 solicitation, the City received one request for a rezone of existing property.  Jim and Laura Decker seek to have their existing ~ half-acre parcel rezoned to High Density Commercial (C-3) from the current overlap zoning of High Density Commercial/High Density Residential (OL-6).  Subsequent development of the parcel would be in of a commercial nature which can utilize the existing streets, existing services, and utilize existing water and sewer connections

Prior SEPA

Documents:     None for these proposed amendments.

Mitigation required:   NONE.

The Lead Agency had determined that the above items would not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment if the mitigation noted above is completed.  An environmental impact statement (EIS) is not required under RCW 43.21C.030(2).  This decision was made after review of a complete environmental checklist and other information on file with the lead agency and upon the following findings.  This information is available to the public on request.

This DNS is issued under 197-11-340 (2); the lead agency will not act on this proposal for a period of 14 days from the date of issuance to allow for review and  comments from the general public.

Comments must be submitted to the City Planner at:

Rod Fleck, City Attorney/Planner

Forks City Hall

500 East Division

Forks, Washington 98331

Comments will be accepted up to 5 p.m., 19 Mar 2018.  The City will review said comments together to determine the impact upon the stated MDNS.    Submittal of comments is not the same as a written appeal of this determination.

You may appeal this determination no later than 5 p.m., 19 Mar 2018, by filing a written appeal with the City Clerk of Forks at 500 East Division, Forks, Washington 98331.  You should be prepared to make specific factual objections based upon the action being considered and the SEPA Checklist completed in association with this project.  The appeal must be received prior to 5 P.M.  Contact Rod Fleck at 360/374-5412, ext. 245 to read or ask about the procedures for appeals.

_______________________________                              Date:    2 Mar 2018

William R. Fleck