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Notice of Public Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing

Amending the Forks Zoning Code (FMC Chapter 17) to
Address Vacation/Visitor Rentals

Forks City Council
Monday, 11 Dec 2017
7:30 p.m.
Forks City Council Chambers
500 East Division Street

The City Council is giving notice that it will hold a public hearing during its regularly scheduled meeting on 11 Dec 2017.  The purpose of the hearing is to obtain public comment on proposed amendments to the Forks Zoning Code, FMC Chapter 17 that would clarify when a vacation or visitor rental would be permitted outright, via special use, via conditional use or prohibited.  A copy of the proposed ordinance can be found on the City’s website under the public notice/current issues tab.

Ordinance #629 Vacation Rentals