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Notice of Public Hearing

Notice of Receipt of 60% Annexation Petition


Public Hearing

 Robbins Rental 2nd Annexation

 City Council

12 Feb 2018

7:30 P.M.

City Council Chambers

The City of Forks has received a 60% Annexation Petition from Willmer and Emalee Robbins  requesting the City Council to annex approximately one acre.  The legal description for this annexation request is as follows:

The East 50’ of the Southeast Quarter (SE ¼) of the Southwest Quarter (SW ¼) of Section Eight, Township 28 North, Range 13 West, W.M., lying north of the Diimmel County Road.

Consisting of approximately one (1) acre.

Tax parcel:  132808430200

Located immediately west and adjacent to the original Robbins Rental Annexation and generally northwest of the intersection of the Robbins Rental Road and Bogachiel Way

On 12 Feb 2018, the City Council will hold a public hearing on this request, and also decide whether or not to annex the property described above via City ordinance.  The public is invited to attend and provide public comment.

Individuals with questions should contact Rod Fleck, City Attorney/Planner, at 360/374-5412, ext. 245.  Individuals requiring special needs in order to participate in the public hearing should contact Mr. Fleck prior to the meeting.