As of September 11, 2015, the City of Forks Water Superintendent has determined that a shortage exists in the Forks city water supply and that a water emergency exists. As a result, emergency water use restrictions are in effect immediately, and are applicable to all users of the Forks city water system, whether within or without the city limits. Until further notice, the following water uses are prohibited:

  1. Commercial and residential lawn watering;
  2. Commercial and residential vehicle washing, with the exception of the following:
    • No more than a weekly washing of a non-commercial vehicle at a water controlled car washing facility;
    • No more than a twice weekly washing of commercial log trucks, logging equipment, and road maintenance equipment as part of regulatory dust abatement.  In such cases, every effort needs to be made to reduce the amount of water consumption utilized; and,
    • Dust abatement associated with construction projects as part of any building permit.
  3. Filling of swimming pools and hot tubs; nor,
  4. Washing by pressure washer or hose the exterior of structures or pavement.
Any person who violates any water use restriction imposed under this declaration shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $500, per Forks Municipal Code 13.25.040. Only essential water uses are allowed. Essential uses include commercial horticultural operations and home gardens.

Bryon Monohon

Ivan Cowles
Water Superintendent