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    Respuesta del West End a COVID-19/Coronavirus

    Trabajemos juntos para nuestras comunidades del West End. El Distrito de la Ciudad y el Incendio mantendrán esta página actualizada regularmente con noticias importantes, cerraduras y actualizaciones relacionadas con el COVID-19/Coronavirus. Su ayuda, su cooperación y su compromiso con nuestra comunidad son cruciales para estos esfuerzos en detener la transmisión del virus.

    ¿Preguntas o preocupaciones? ¿Enlaces rotos? Envíe un breve correo electrónico a: info@forkswashington.org

  • West End Response to COVID-19/Coronavirus

    Let’s work together for our West End communities. The City and Fire District will keep this page updated regularly with vital news regarding the virus, closures, and related updates. Your help, your cooperation, and your commitment to our community are crucial to these efforts to slow the virus’ spread.

    Questions or concerns? Broken links? Send a brief email to: info@forkswashington.org

Stay Home, Stay Healthy

Governor Jay Inslee has executed an order requiring most businesses and people to stay at home for the next two weeks. Here is a basic summary of that order:

So long as you practice social distancing by keeping six feet or more between you and others:

  • You may still go outside to take a walk, go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, the hardware store, or fill up your gas tank, etc.
  • You may pick up take-out from one of our restaurants that is providing that service, but you cannot stay at that restaurant to eat the food you ordered.
  • You should stay home, however, unless you have essential business.
  • You cannot attending weddings, funerals, church services, spiritual retreats, pickup basketball or soccer games, visit the gym, and attend a social group gathering or meeting.

  • The Governor’s announcement can be read and watched here.
  • The Governor’s order is available here.
  • The Governor’s order for the closure of restaurants EXCEPT for take out, and the closure of hair salons, and gyms is available here.
  • The City’s declaration of emergency and the Mayor’s statement are available here.